Middle Fork of the Salmon River


Middle Fork of the Salmon

Middle Fork of the Salmon River Trips


The Middle Fork of the Salmon river is the most prized wilderness river trip in North America, if not world.  Far and Away adds a unique, multi-dimensional luxury component to the Middle Fork experience, making it a trip-of-a-lifetime, a truly memorable and comfortable experience for your family and friends.

The Middle Fork was one of the original eight national wild and scenic rivers protected by Congress in 1968 because it’s in a league all of its own.  It flows 100 miles through dozens of thrilling rapids, deep turquoise pools full of native cuttrhroat trout and towering granite cliffs in the Impassible Canyon.  On the banks of the Middle Fork, spacious wooded and beach-front campsites are oh-so-relaxing as a gentle breeze hums a tune through stately pines that can be heard only in the wilderness quietude.

Our trips take you away from the stress-filled city life for six days and five nights.  Look forward to the non-stop excitement of paddle-rafting through whitewater rapids, seeing bighorn sheep, river otters, Indian pictorgraphs and possibly even white shaggy mountain goats, and sifting white sand through your toes.  For dinner, you will sit at a table set with French country cloth, toast the Middle Fork with the finest in stemware, and eat a fabulous gourmet meal under the glow of candlelight and, of course, more stars than you have seen in a lifetime.

When you’re sleepy, you’ll saunter off to a private tent and find the most comfortable sleeping arrangements with soft carpeting under foot, elevated beds, cozy flannel bedding and fluffy full-size pillows.

Discover the Far & Away difference for your Middle Fork vacation and give us a call.


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